Call For Participants: Determining Priorities For Research in London Ontario

Do you want to have your voice heard in Autism Research? Researchers in Anthropology and Disability Studies are interested in working with Autistic adults to develop innovative and accessible, Community Based Participatory Research. What is involved? The researchers will contact you to discuss the study and any accommodations you may need. The study will take place in the late summer and early fall between August 31 and November 13. The study itself will involve: Two 30-120 minute interviews via Zoom, text or phone and five or six focus group sessions that are expected to take between 2 and 3 hours. Participation in this study is coluntary and you will be free to discontinue participation if you do not wish to continue with the study. Researchers will endeavour to accommodate sensory and communication needs. Who Can Participate? We are looking for participants who: Are over the age of 18, Live in London Ontario, Have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, or self-identify as Autistic. If you are interested in participating: Please contact: Jacky Ellis at Participants will receive a gift card as compensation for their time. Western University Canada.

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