Two rows of apple trees make an arched pathway. The pathway is overgrown with garlic mustard plants. The sunlight shines through the branches and illuminates the tall weeds underneath.


Distress and Crisis Ontario: Click Chat Now on the top of the home page for text based support

LGBT Youthline: Call: 1-800-268-9688 or Text: 647-694-4275 or click to chat at the top of the homepage

Reach Out: Crisis support for anyone living with mental health or addictions concerns in Elgin, Oxford, Middlesex and London. Click the Chat Now on the website or call  519-433-2023.

Autistic Organizations:

ASAN: The Autistic Self Advocacy Network 

Autism Women’s Network

Autistics for Autistics 

Autism Network International 

Autism Organizations:

Academic Autistic Spectrum Partnership in Research and Education

Disability Organizations:

Learning Disabilities Association of London Region

The Redpath Centre 

The International Dyslexia Association Ontario Branch

DAWN – Disabled Women’s Network Canada 

Toronto Disability Pride March 

Employment Support:

RISE Asset Development

Ontario Disability Employment Network 

ATN Access

Legal Help:

Ontario Human Rights Commission

ARCH Disability Law

Human Rights Legal Support Centre

CanLii The Canadian Legal Information Institute 

Legal Aid Ontario

Neighbourhood Legal Services (London and Middlesex) 

Western Law- Community Legal Services 

Low Income Support:


ODSP Action Coalition

No-cost or low-cost dental health programs in London

Indigenous Organizations:

At^lohsa Native Family Healing Services Crisis Phone Line: 1-800-605-7477

Native Youth Sexual Health Network

SOAHAC Southwestern Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre

Support For Survivors of Violence: 

My Sister’s Place

Survivors of Domestic Violence Portable Housing Benefit 


Zhaawanong Shelter

Hate Crimes Helpline: 519-642-1900 *this helpline is an initiative of the London Police Service, only call it if you wish to contact the police.

*LAST reserves the right not to list any organization whose actions and/or policies do not align with our core values.