Our Values

A purple flower with blue and yellow florets in its centre


Neurodiversity is the natural variation of human minds. LAST believes all minds are valuable and every person has something to offer.

A woman in a white jacket and sunglasses is digging with a shovel. In the background are buckets of wood chips and some newly planted saplings.


We are stronger together than we are alone. LAST members come from different backgrounds, but one thing we have in common is our commitment to supporting each other.


It’s not enough to be aware of Autism. LAST is working to foster acceptance and inclusion of Autistic people in society.

A man stands on a low wall. He is reading from sheets of paper. A bearded man holds up a megaphone. Beside them a woman is looking at a poster with photos on it. A banner in the background reads LAST. London Autistics Standing Together.


LAST believes that Autistic people should be in control of our own advocacy organizations. We support the autonomy of all members of our community in making our own decisions on things that affect our lives.


Intersectionality means that different people have different aspects to their identity, for example people’s gender, sexuality, race, ability, and so forth, are all part of who they are. 

LAST  strives to be aware of these different experiences, and we listen to Autistic people when they tell us how other aspects of their identity impact their experiences of being Autistic. 

A woman in a brown jacket and wearing a backpack is holding a pride flag and checking her phone. Other people can be seen standing on a low wall behind her.