This Is Not An Image Of Loss

Autism Justice, Anthropology, and Art

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I am currently a PhD student in sociocultural anthropology. I write about Autistic culture and identity. As a visual artist I work in acrylic paint and in ink. I also make jewelry and porcupine quillwork. Much of the cognitive work behind what I create is informed by my academic background, although the actual process of creation tends to be intuitive. Often images, or fragments of images, come into my head fully formed with no obvious connection to any research or preparation for a piece. I find those connections as I work on the piece and draw them out in the final product.

My work deals heavily with themes of boundaries, communication, connection and disconnection. Visually, I draw inspiration from my love of gardening and hiking in the parklands near my home. The images I produce reflect on my experiences navigating identity, and exploring human interaction with landscape.

I am also the Social Media Co-ordinator for London Autistics Standing Together.