Executive Council

Autistic people have the competence and capacity to occupy leadership roles in our community. 100% of the seats on our Executive Council are filled by actually Autistic adults. We believe that Autistic people should be in charge of our own welfare organizations, and that Autistic people are best equipped to understand the needs and goals of our community. Council positions are filed on a volunteer basis, and council decisions are made through a consensus-based process.

Executive Council Members:

Christina D. – Facebook Admin, Secondary Media Liaison

Jacky Ellis (Manidoo Makwa Kwe) – Social Media and Website Co-ordinator

Russell Harrison – Support Officer 

Anne Lessnerkraus – Treasurer and Facebook Admin

Zach Smith – Media Liaison 

Megan Wilson – Fundraising Chair and Chief Editor 

If you have any questions for our executive council, our contact page is here.