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Websites and Blogs:

Self Advocacy Sites and Disability Rights Blogs

Research Blogs

OHRC Policy Guides

Eugenics History

Disability History

Links for Allies

On Tone Policing

Addressing Racism

Addressing Anti-Indigenous Racism

Autistic Self Advocacy Sites and Disability Rights Blogs: 

Autistics for Autistics 

Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism


The Autism Women’s Network


Autistic Hoya

Yes That Too



Musings of an Aspie

Cracked Mirror In Shalott

Autistics Speaking Day

Autism Wars


The Autistinquisitor 

Jordyn’s Rocky Journey 

The Caffeinated Autistic

The Autism Pastor 

Research Blogs:

AASPIRE: Academic Autism Spectrum Partnership in Research and Education

Ontario Human Rights Commission Policy Guides:

Disability Related:

Guidelines on Accessible Education

Policy and Guidelines on Disability and the Duty to Accommodate

Policy on Drug and Alcohol Testing

Policy on Employment-Related Medical Information

Policy on Height and Weight Requirements

Policy on HIV/AIDS Related Discrimination

Policy on Human Rights and Rental Housing

Policy on Requiring a Driver’s Licence as a Condition of Employment

Human Rights At Work 2008 – Third Edition

Policy on Discrimination Against Older Persons Because of Age

Other Policy Guides:

Guidelines on Developing Human Rights Policies and Procedures

Guidelines on Special Programs

Policy and Guidelines on Discrimination Because of Family Status

Policy and Guidelines on Racism and Racial Discrimination

Policy on Creed and the Accommodation of Religious Observances

Policy on Discrimination and Harassment Because of Gender Identity

Policy on Discrimination and Harassment Because of Sexual Orientation

Policy on Discrimination and Language

Policy on Discrimination Because of Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Policy on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Policy on Scholarships and Awards

Policy on Sexual Harassment and Inappropriate Gender-Related Comments and Conduct

Guide To Releases With Respect to Human Rights Complaints

Guide to Your Rights and Responsibilities Under the Human Rights Code

Guidelines for Collecting Data on Enumerated Grounds Under the Code

HIRING? A Human Rights Guide

Police Record Checks For Vulnerable Sector Screening

Eugenics History:

Eugenics – Canada’s Human Rights History 

The Eugenics Archive

Disability History:

Disability Rights Movement – The Canadian Encyclopedia 

Out From Under: Disability History And Things To Remember

From Institutional To Community Living: A History Of Developmental Services In Ontario 

Disability History Museum  (United States)

History of Learning Disability 

Links for Allies:

How To Fight Ableism as A Nondisabled Person

How To Interact With People Who Have Disabilities

How to Talk To An Autistic Person

Things You Should Never Say To an Autistic

Autistic Representation and Real Life Consequences

What Is An Ally?

Disability  and Access Toolkit

Neurotypical Privilege Checklist

Behaviour Plan for Autism Professionals

Benevolent Ableism

The Art of Stimming

The Real Reason You Don’t Believe I’m Autistic 

On Tone Policing: 

Anger Does Not Equal Hate (original post)

The Difference Between Anger and Hate (expanded discussion of the above post)

Ableism, Tone Police, and Hypocrisy

Limited Communication

Avoiding Slurs Is Not About Sanitizing Language (explains the difference between a slur and a “bad word” because these things are not equivalent)

Addressing Racism:

Social Justice Training Institute Suggested Reading List

What Kind of Card Is Race? *some casually ableist language, use of this link is not an endorsement of the ableist language used

What Is White Supremacy?

I Don’t Discuss Racism With White People

Student Teacher Anti-Racism Society Educational Resource

How to apologize when called out on oppressive behaviour

The Trouble With Tribe

Addressing Anti-Indigenous Racism:

“Reverse Appropriation”

What If Natives Stop Subsidizing Canada

Encyclopedia of American Indian Contributions To The World

National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health Fact Sheets

Residential Schools Weren’t Killing Culture They Were Killing Indians

An Act of Genocide: Canada’s Coerced Sterilization of First Nations Women