First “grown up” Publication

A person is being squished by their black Portuguese waterdog puppy. Both the person and the puppy are looking at the camera, each with half their faces obscured by the other.

This Is Not An Image Of Loss

I am pleased to be able to announce that my article, Imagining Neurodivergent Futures from the Belly of the Identity Machine: Neurodiversity, Biosociality, and Strategic Essentialism as been accepted for publication by Autism in Adulthood. The final version of the essay can be found at

While I have published in Western’s student journal Totem this is my first publication as a grad student.

Unfortunately making the article open access wasn’t economically possible for me right now, but if you don’t have institutional or library access I can be contacted at

I do want to extend thanks the participants of my current research. While this article isn’t directly based on my research our discussions have certainly shaped my thinking about Autistic identity and have kept me motivated through what has been a difficult year for me personally. I expect I will archive the Author Accepted Version of this article…

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