Stim Toy Library:

Item:Item TypeItem #Special Notes
Kinetic SandBuildingSTM-5001
Boogie BoardDrawingSTM-5100
Mini Etch-a-Sketch DrawingSTM-5101
Blue and White Fidget CubeFidget CubeSTM-5200
Folding Fidget CubeFidget CubeSTM-5201
The Art of Conversation GameGM-5301
The Game of ChipsGameGM-5302
Koosh Man With Big EyesKoosh STM-5400
Orange and Blue Koosh BallKoosh STM-5401
Orange and Yellow Koosh BallKoosh STM-5402
Blue Light Up WandOtherSTM-5502
Kinetic Flow RingsOtherSTM-5500
Kinetic Flow RingsOtherSTM-5501
Sensory Body SockOtherSTM-5503
Suction Cup ManOtherSTM-5504
“Violetic” Colour Changing Braini PuttiPuttySTM-5600
Lapis Blue StimTastic Thinking PuttyPuttySTM-5601
Mood MuddPuttySTM-5602
Blue and Yellow Puzzle CubePuzzelSTM-5700
Blue Puzzel CubePuzzelSTM-5701
Blue Rings Puzzel CubePuzzelSTM-5702
Green Puzzel CubePuzzelSTM-5703
Green Puzzel Cube With Yellow BallPuzzelSTM-5704
Orange Puzzel CubePuzzelSTM-5705
Purple Puzzel CubePuzzelSTM-5706
Rainbow Block PuzzelPuzzelSTM-5707
Rainbow Puzzel BallPuzzelSTM-5708
Red Puzzel CubePuzzelSTM-5709
Red Puzzel Cube With 2 PlanesPuzzelSTM-5710
Rubiks CubePuzzelSTM-5711
Wooden Ball and Hoop GamePuzzelSTM-5712
Yellow Puzzel CubePuzzelSTM-5713
Ocean Mist Essential Oil DiffuserScentSTM-5800*scented items are
available to be checked
out of the Library for
home use. Please don’t
open them or use them in the library 
Black and White Pattern Fidget SpinnerSpinnerSTM-5900
Black Fidget SpinnerSpinnerSTM-5901
Black Fidget SpinnerSpinnerSTM-5902
Green Fidget Ninja Fidget SpinnerSpinnerSTM-5903
Pastels Fidget SpinnerSpinnerSTM-5904
Red Fidget SpinnerSpinnerSTM-5905
Giant Squishy BallSquishySTM-6000
Green Frog SquishySquishySTM-6001
My Little Pony SquishySquishySTM-6002
Orange Squishy MonkeySquishySTM-6003
Orange Squishy with eyesSquishySTM-6004
Pink Squishy CircleSquishySTM-6005
Rainbow Dimetrodon Squishy SquishySTM-6006
Squishy Orange DinosaurSquishySTM-6007
Stegosaurus Squishy SquishySTM-6008
Strawberry Squishies SquishySTM-6009
Yellow Noodle Squishy In EggSquishySTM-6010
Blue Monster Squishy BallSquishy STM-6011
Pink Tactile BallTactileSTM-6100
Rainbow Tactile BallTactileSTM-6101
Black and White Jointed StimTangleSTM-6200
Blue and Green Chain TangleTangleSTM-6201
Disabilities Program TangleTangleSTM-6202
Giant TangleTangleSTM-6203
Glow Chain TangelTangleSTM-6204
Glow Chain TangelTangleSTM-6205
Green and Pink Chain TangleTangleSTM-6206
Green and Yellow Jointed StimTangleSTM-6207
StimTastic TangleTangleSTM-6208
Tangle PiecesTangleSTM-6209
Noise Machine TechSTM-6300
Sound Effects BallTechSTM-6301
Super LED Dome Light With SpeakerTechSTM-6302
Virtual Reality HeadsetTechSTM-6303
Dark Silver Tangle BraceletWearableSTM-6400
Orange Silicone Band Bracelet WearableSTM-6401
Weighted Lap Blanket (Blue and Grey)Weighted ItemsSTM-6500
Weighted Lap Blanket (Blue and Grey)Weighted ItemsSTM-6501
Weighted Lap Blanket (Grey) Weighted ItemsSTM-6502
Weighted Lap Blanket (Mauve)Weighted ItemsSTM-6503
Weighted Lap Blanket (Red and Cream quilt’ pattern)Weighted ItemsSTM-6504