Legal Support Resources For London Ontario

Legal Support Resources:

Ontario Human Rights Commission

Ontario Human Rights Commission

180 Dundas Street West, 9th Floor

Toronto, ON M7A 2G5

Tel: (416) 326-9511

Toll Free: 1-800-387-9080

TTY (Local): (416) 326-0603

TTY (Toll Free) 1-800-308-5561

This is a government agency formed as a supplement to the HRTO, to develop policy intended to address systems of discrimination, as well as to carry out public inquires, education and, at times, litigation. They don’t provide direct legal support to individuals, but their policy guides are useful in developing an understanding of human rights law in Ontario.

ARCH Disability Law

ARCH Disability Law Centre

55 University Avenue

15th Floor

Toronto, ON

M5J 2H7

Telephone: 416-482-8255 

Tel. Toll-free: 1-866-482-2724   

TTY: 416-482-1254 

TTY Toll-free: 1-866-482-2728

Fax: 416-482-2981 

Fax Toll-free: 1-866-881-2723

This is a legal clinic specializing in disability rights law and advocacy. They don’t take every individual case, as they focus on precedent setting cases, but they do provide good advice and referral services as well as public legal education.

Legal Aid Ontario

Tel.: 416-979-1446

Toll free: 1-800-668-8258

TTY : 416-598-8867

TTY Toll free: 1-866-641-8867

Fax: (416) 979-8669


This organization provides legal assistance to low-income people in Ontario.

Western Law Community Legal Services

Faculty of Law

1151 Richmond Street

London, Ontario, Canada, N6A 3K7

Tel: 519-661-3346 

(Main Office) – 519-661-3352

This law clinic provides free legal advice and representation from law students, under the supervision of experienced lawyers.

Neighbourhood Legal Services (London and Middlesex) 

910 – 383 Richmond St. (Corner of Richmond and King) London, ON N6A 5R7

Phone: 519 438-2890

Fax: 519 438-3145


This Law clinic  provides legal advice, referrals, and sometimes representation, as well as legal education and advocacy to low income residents of London and Middlesex County.

Human Rights Legal Support Centre

Human Rights Legal Support Centre

180 Dundas Street West, 8th Floor

Toronto, Ontario M7A 0A1

Tel: (416) 597-4900

Toll Free: 1-866-625-5179

TTY: (416) 597-4903

TTY Toll Free: 1-866 612-8627

Fax: 1-866-625-5180 or 416-597-4901

If you would like to ask for accommodation at the Centre in advance of your conversation with a member of the staff, please contact:

• Telephone at 416-597-4904 (toll free 1-866 625-5179)

• TTY 416-597-4903 (toll free 1-866-612-8627)

• Mail at 180 Dundas Street West, 8th Floor Toronto (Ontario) M7A 0A1 or

• Fax at 416-597-4901. 

This government agency is available to assist people who have experienced discrimination with legal services when they are applying to the HRTO. They also provide guides for navigating the HRTO process. 

HRTO, The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario 

655 Bay Street, 14th floor 

Toronto, ON M7A 2A3

Tel: 416-326-1312 

Toll-free: 1-866-598-0322 

TTY: Call the Bell Relay Service at 


Fax: 416-326-2199 

Fax Toll-free: 1-866-355-6099


The HRTO is the tribunal which resolves claims of discrimination and harassment brought under the Ontario Human Rights Code. This is where you file a lawsuit if your human rights have been violated. There is the option to resolve the dispute through mediation before proceeding to a hearing.

CanLii, The Canadian Legal Information Institute

This is a database of publicly available legal decisions that anyone can use for legal research. It’s a useful tool to use prior to filing a case for looking into how similar cases have been decided in the past.