“My brain is different than yours”: Making Autism and Cripping Romance in CBS’s Elementary

This Is Not An Image Of Loss

This discourse analysis was originally submitted for the Graduate level course: ANTHROPOLOGY 9228B-001: Language and Power, taught by Dr. Tania Granadillo. While I am the Social Media Coordinator for LAST, this represents my own analysis and may not be representative of either LAST’s stances as an organization, or of the perspectives of other LAST members.

Sherlock Holmes has seen innumerable adaptations since his creation in 1887, and his first appearance on screen in 1900 (Camp 2018, 1-2). Holmes has often been speculated to be on the Autism spectrum. This speculation has sometimes extended to speculation about his author, Conan Doyle, and the man on whom Doyle is believed to have based his famous detective, Dr. Joseph Bell (De la Cuesta and Mason 2011, Kindle Location 7985; Loftis 2014). While the diagnosis of a fictional character may seem facile, the popular perception of Holmes as Autistic has significant implications for the…

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