Response to media coverage of A4A

We are disappointed that two major media outlets chose not to cover this story as news, but instead seemed to leverage it to smear autistic self-advocacy and the disability rights movement.

Read the full blog post covering A4A’s corrections here

We are very disappointed in these efforts by some individuals with media connections to discredit and exclude Autistic voices from the provincial conversation on services for Autistic people.

While the Ford government’s policies, taken as a whole, have been harmful to our community and have not addressed issues facing our community such a poverty and lack of supports, the inclusion of Autistic people on this panel has been one small step in the right direction.

It is disappointing that the media platforms who have covered this story have chosen to prioritize the voices of one particular interest group over the voices of Actually Autistic people, and we join A4A in calling for more accurate, balanced, and responsible reporting; reporting that centres Autistic voices in conversations about policies that directly impact us.

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