Andrea Koenig Brings Back Art For Autism For A Sixth Year

Local artist Andrea Koenig will be holding the sixth annual Art For Autism fundraiser at Knollwood Public School  on May 4, 2018.

Ms. Koenig launched the event in response to a negative experience she had on London Transit in which another rider commented that “people like [her] should be at the back of the bus”. It is a story that Koenig recounts readily when explaining the aims of her fundraiser. The comment highlights the need for advocacy and awareness to reduce ableist attitudes Autistic people often face. By being visible in the community Art For Autism may help to counter some of the stereotypes people have about Autistic people. It is also a way for Ms. Koenig to give back to the community. She has been pleased with the success of previous years’ events. “[I] can’t believe it’s now going on year six…. and all from one ignorant person’s words” she writes.

The fundraiser show cases and sells art made by local students, and artists, and proceeds are divided between LAST and Autism Ontario*.

Ms. Koenig has put out a call for artists and volounteers.

Volunteers are needed for 4pm set up at Knollwood Public School  on May 4, and for take down at 9pm that evening.

If you have any questions, please contact :

Andrea Koenig on Facebook

Or Contact Us  and we will put you in contact with Ms. Koenig.

*This event has been organized through the hard work and dedication of Andrea Koenig, and she has graciously offered to donate some of the proceeds to London Autistics Standing Together. It should be noted that LAST has no association or partnership with Autism Ontario, and our partnership with Ms Koenig should not be taken as an endorsement of any other organization that she chooses to lend her support to.


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